Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday 21st November 2010 - Illustration - Sketchbook Previews

For a brief at university, which for the life of me could turn out to be one hell of an enjoyable ride. Need to create a short artbook or 'zine, with an essence of the underbelly of Birmingham thrown in for a laugh. I'm still really unsure as to what direction to take this project; my main loves are sci-fi, fantasy and pin-ups. But then there's the fiscal view: Who will potentially buy this, how can I make this look good to punters, what sells and what doesn't? At the moment, a lush possibility is that of The Hells Angels and The Outlaws motorcycle clubs, they've had a couple of skirmishes in Birmingham over the past couple of years, leaving some in prison and some dead. Applying these ideas with a swathe of viking adornments with a few dragons and elves couldn't hurt... Could it?! Maybe even applying some musical inspiration to it all...

Blogger downsized my previews... Full res:

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