Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wednesday 5th January 2011 – Christmas' Harvest

Well, I was delightfully happy at the presents I got off of Santa; I must have been a good boy...

1) The Art of Tim Burton: A rather splendid, if not downright explosively overt collection of his work. Weighing in at about 4 Kilos, it's quite a limited availability book, as far as I know only available from one shop in the UK, so a bit of a collectible.
2) A 12 Month Subscription to ImagineFX: Probably the best current and regularly updating source of digital art related publications, especially concerning fantasy and sci-fi. As someone who is still struggling to decipher arse-from-elbow when it comes to my graphics tablet, this is an essential source of motivation and amazing art work. 

3) Bridgman's Drawing from Life: This guy was a genius in life; his studio being a proverbial who's who of 60s and 70s artists: Norman Rockwell, Will Eisner and Andrew Loomis (A successive expert at drawing from life). For most, my views on contemporary art and illustration are well known; I may even write a small passage dedicated to it here at some point, in a metaphorical middle finger to current trends in art, i'm sticking with becoming fully versed in anatomy, colour theory and art history before doing what most people seem to do, and developing a style on top of no basic skills. Either way, this book is truly incredible, assuming readers will have basic knowledge, Bridgman instead sculpts ones basic knowledge into that of forms, blocks and muscle structures, instead of the 'sausage-and-sphere' approach i've seen in many art books.

And lastly, a bit of a guilty pleasure. They're expensive, a short read and worryingly unreal, but I love some manga; my favourite of which is Saiyuki, scripted and drawn by Kazuya Minekura. So, the scraps of money I had left I dedicated to buying as many of them as I could, 5 having already being delivered and another 3 still in transit. 

Finally: This should hopefully be arriving within the fortnight. A tome of his Graphic Novel, Dan Luvisi's LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter should be an incredible read, plus, I pre-ordered the collectors edition about 5 months ago, so it will be signed and coming with a numbered print... Can't wait!

I will be updating this blog more often as I try to push my life back into some form of order after the christmas partying...

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