Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tuesday 8th February 2011 - Graduation and Reflection

Yeah, I went to a graduation ceremony in Birmingham City today, to collect my certificate from my foundation course (joys of being part of a university for foundation). Although i'm not particularly moved by the sentiments (I think it will mean more when I get my BA/Ma), it was a good day, and some things were said by people who knew what they were on about (Trevor Beattie; creator of the FCUK advertising campaign), and some things that stuck with me, probably because I feel they ring true.

The things people retain when they leave university: The debt, the work, the beer belly. Although, many forget teachers, tutors, the people who actually worked the gears getting one to where they are as a graduate. I've only just started uni, but really, and I think it will remain the same, the most influential teachers on reflection, were those at my college. The art department at Solihull 6th Form College (attended 2007 - 2009) were responsible, more so than any other body of people, for getting me out of a 3 year rut, and really opening my eyes to the world of fine art, three dimensional studies, and lastly illustration.

Tutors at university have the joy of dealing with people who want to get better, who love what they're doing it, because they're now paying to do it. At college, art is still a subject people take to cruise with, something they don't need to apply themselves to, something which isn't the be all or end all for them. And for that, really, the staff - Ian Clayden, John Chamberlain, Ernie Hudson and John Watton - surely are an overlooked, under appreciated and oft forgotten group of people. They really shouldn't be; they helped me improve more in a year than I did in the previous 5. No matter how many imbeciles (I was probably one) they had pester them, piss them off or let them down, they would still bend over backwards to find ten minutes to help, or still have some creative input.

For that i'm forever thankful, and I'll probably still cite them as some key figures in my ongoing artistic development.

Now, enough serious soppy bollocks. Don't know what I'll do next time. Take a look at Frazetta's design principles..?

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