Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thursday 17th March 2011 - Pick Me Up #2

Pick me up 2!

“The best, most innovative and avant-garde graphic artists, collectives and galleries from the UK and across the world are exhibiting and offering an exuberant mix of artworks for sale.” 

Pretty much sums up my day today. We decided to travel down to London and have a look round Somerset House; the base for Pick Me Up and a building with a lot of history, which I didn’t even discover until I got home! 

There were some immense illustrators exhibited, McBess, Seiko Kato, Stefanie Posavec and Tom Gauld were notable, with my favourite probably being McBess; his work emphasising harsh contrasts and a powerful organic line dissecting a chaotic composition. As well as these established illustrators, there were a number of small studios showcasing their wares, and Nobrow publishers were peddling their wares. Many books, limited edition prints, postcards and ‘zines were for sale, of which I bagged myself a copy of Nobrow #1, a McBess print and a number of postcards.

McBess Detail
McBess Detail
Tom Gauld
Tom Gauld

Pick Me Up 2 is on until the 27th of March, and if local, it’s well worth going to, even if it’s just to buy your own body weight in illustration books! 

London's Print Club
Seiko Kato

A collection of photo’s snapped on my camera:


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