Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wednesday 16th March 2011 - What's in my bag?

Another idea ripped from James Gurney, I intend to also do one on my engraving and etching gear, as nobody seems to even know what they are, let alone how to use them, (But hey, walking before running, and there will be plenty of time for running.) so that’s a field ripe for tutorials, FAQs, Q&A, etc etc.

So anyway, the gear below is what I take virtually everywhere, in one form or another. It’s the most compact setup, providing maximum variety in minimum space (Woo!). The holder I bought off of eBay; it’s awesome for organizing my stuff into sections and making sure no pens go skittering across gallery floors or train station platforms.

1)      Needles, craft knife and rubber eraser. Needles are for binding sketchbooks, and the eraser is useful for precise corrections
2)      Various pencils. The wooden ones are hard; 3 and 2H’s, whilst the mechanical pencils are all HB (as soft as I use regularly). These are Rotring ‘tiki’ pencils and a Staedtler clutch pencil.
3)      Fineliners. Ranging from 0.05mm to 0.55mm, these pens of various brands were my staple inking item for about 5 years.
4)      Super fine Sharpie. This is the only real option for transferring images to Perspex for etching.
5)      Water soluble pens. These, when combined with a water brush (#8), bleed into a fascinating variety of colours, the first 2 from the left bleeding a cool purple, whilst the right 2 bleed a warm green; great for a variety of marks or laying down a mid tone.
6)      Brush pens. One is a cheap Chinese calligraphy pen; the other is a Pentel brush, which, in short, is incredible. The versatility of a brush, without the need for dipping, excellent whilst plein air sketching.
7)      Various tools. These are just a mix of pens which I use: a fountain pen, biro, silver paint pen, white gel pen and another pen eraser.
8)      Brush pen. Also slotted in here is a simple, cheap sharpener (the best I’ve found), and a larger rubber eraser, for when things just aren’t going as planned.
9)      Windsor and Newton artist’s watercolours. Nice set of 12 half pans, with a small size 2 brush included.
10)   Faber Castell PITT artist pens. Haven’t had these for very long, but the brush pen included is nice for quite organic thick lines, while the other 3 pens are very nice for clean lines, but i haven’t used them much, so can’t judge properly.
11)   Old pill bottle. Air tight, nice small size, perfect for holding and storing water when out and about, plus it doesn’t impose too much in terms of size when carrying it around.
12)   Uni ‘posca’ pens. These things are great! They write on absolutely anything, and the white one can add highlights to finish off a picture nicely. The biggest posca also has a nice chisel tip, which provides organic brush strokes to accentuate motion/direction in a sketch.
13)   When in the studio, I only use Copics, but when out and about, ProMarkers suffice. The wide chisel tip gives me a tool to quickly describe architecture when the mood takes me.

And this is what I’m currently sketching in. It’s homemade, and I heartily suggest making one if you haven’t: The choice of papers to include, as well as the size, binding and format make it quite a personal affair, and means you have nothing but good paper to draw onto!

And that's all for today.

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