Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tuesday 31st May 2011 – First Year Complete!

Firstly, the lack of updates can be explained by my inherent lethargy, plus the fact that the whole subject this blog post ascertains to was busy eating my life; that of deadlines. I feel that, regardless of how much I work throughout any project, the last two weeks are still, inescapably, chaotic. 

But! Now, that’s all finished, and I have my marks already! I got three 1sts, which is enough to make even me slightly jolly for a day or two. 

 This was my first final piece. It is a framed series of four etchings, all depicting people interacting with their environment, that interaction being drinking, and the environment being a pub (a favourite haunt of mine to do observational drawings in). The lose ink work underneath was to help break up the solid forms of the etching, and give the piece a sense of fluidity. The initial idea was to have just the Yellow inked one as the final piece, but, pandering to a designer’s love of CMYK, I went with a series of Blue, Red, Yellow and Black/Grey inks, for the almost cliché collection.


Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper @ 325gsm
Mars Black relief ink
Stark Black etching ink
Windsor & Newton artist inks - Brilliant Red, Ultramarine & Brilliant Yellow
24x8 inch piece of 2.5mm Perspex
Etching tool size 5
Engraving tools: Four Square, Riddler, Shader
My personal glorified nail
Plate= ~6 hours
Prints= ~10 minutes each 

My second final piece was far more to my own personal taste, and that was reflected through the feedback I got for it, and the time I was willing to pump into it to get it looking good. I actually decided to enter this into the Cheltenham Illustration Awards, as that was the planned brief. If anything will come of it I have yet to see. It’s a short, personalised and slightly altered telling of the birth of the world as the Vikings told it. This was drawn up before Thor came out (something many people have mentioned), and no, neither does it pander to that, and, more so, neither does Thor pander extensively to Nordic mythology because, well, it’s a Marvel comic adaptation.


Traditional elements:
2H staedtler wooden pencil
HB staedtler clutch pencil
Mapping pen
Custom blend of ink: mars black indian ink, turquoise blue and ultramarine in a 2:1:1 ratio
215gsm Daler Rowney 'vanilla' paper
Digital elements:
Wacom Intuos
Adobe PhotoShop CS5
Total = ~13 hours

My third and fourth final pieces were A2 posters, both made to illustrate a chosen quote, both needing to be rendered differently: One traditionally, and one digitally using Adobe Illustrator. The traditional one was a lot of fun, giving me an excuse to play around with a style as far removed from digital as possible, really exploiting the entropic nature of inks. Plus, I was most fortunate, I already knew how to vector before the project, so, thankfully, I was able to do quite an ambitious vector based poster. Both of the finished works were printed and framed for marking.


Vector Poster:
Wacom Intuos
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe PhotoShop CS5
Total = ~8 hours
Traditional Poster:
Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper @ 320gsm
Personal concotion of Black Ink: 2 Parts screen printing ink to 5 parts Indian ink to 5 parts Acrylic ink.
Personal concotion of Dark Blue Ink: 5 Parts Turquoise to 3 Parts Ultramarine to 1 Part Black.
Dr. Martin's Indian ink: Black and White.
Daler Rowney FW Acrylic ink: Various colours.
Windsor and Newton ink: Various colours.
Windsor & Newton #1 brush.
Windsor & Newton Series 7 sable #00 brush.

Total = ~8 hours

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