Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday 28th July 2011 - Some updates

Harvest of stuff i'm working on at the moment/finished.

Monogram/pseudonym thing which will probably be implemented around Artsfest...


Something started waaaaay back in January with a sketch in my Moleskine, actually quite looking forward to tightening this thing up and finishing it off.

And finally this, decided to sit my arse down and work it to a point where I was totally happy with the renderings, and, as is hopefully visible, it looks much better and much more refined than the earlier 'finished' version (see previous posts).

Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday 22nd July 2011 - Handbound Sketchbooks

Something else for Artsfest; Handbound sketchbooks. They will all have an original piece on the first page, and a quote that took my fancy at the time on the inside cover.

There are 2 varieties of sketchbooks; both have watercolour paper, but one is a thicker stock, and the other is an off white colour, which personally I think goes very well with the cover (which is a 400gsm oiled stencil card, which means it's slightly showerproof!)

Hand Bound, off white sketchbook (With hand drawn and quoted internals): £4
Hand Bound, pure white sketchbook (With hand drawn and quoted internals): £5

Friday 22nd July 2011 - Handmade Badges

Yeeeaah, some handmade badges for peddling at artsfest this coming September. There will hopefully be 10 - 15 different sets, to cover many tastes, all will be like this, packed in sets of 4 for £2.

This set is just some pictures of etchings which I will also be selling as original pieces.

These particular ones are robotic creations from Al.Chemy (see a previous post).

And these personally I really like, they're all the warning signs dotted around test chambers in Portal. I'm apprehensive to sell these, as they're not my creation, but, well, they look so awesome! If the reception is positive enough, I may do a small run of them... Business is business!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wednesday 6th July 2011 - Baptism by Fire working process.

Starting inspiration: Playing the game "World of Tanks", crossed with my childhood adoration of the War, and tanks in general.

Very very rough 3x2 thumbnail, scanned and scaled up to A3 size in photoshop (my standard working size [@300 dpi])

Start with the sky, to give myself a standard mid tone, plus, everything is painted on top of it. Trying to work out foreground ideas.

Eyedropping values from the background, I built up a standard value assessment of the Tiger tank.

I basically repeated this process for everything else, using some reference for the tanks and a lot of reference for the figures and their associated poses/weapons.

After a generic pass with tighter values, I use curve and contrast adjustments, and start to add textures.

Realize i'd stupidly left every element floating, isolated in their part of the canvas, so I begin to add elements to tie them together, giving each part a sense of weight.

Start to hammer the textures home, using my texture brushes and photo textures in tangent, painting over them to add some personality and liveliness to the painting.

This was the 'finished' piece. After some more tightening up, I applied some Hard Light gradient overlays, to get a play between warm and cool colours, creating a nice juxtaposition.

After submitting it to DeviantArt ( ) I thought the colours too garish, the highlights were far too light, and so on, so, I took it back into photoshop and further played around with the colour balance.

And that's it really. I still have a stupidly long way to go, and each step is painful with digital art, but I *will* get better at it.