Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday 22nd July 2011 - Handmade Badges

Yeeeaah, some handmade badges for peddling at artsfest this coming September. There will hopefully be 10 - 15 different sets, to cover many tastes, all will be like this, packed in sets of 4 for £2.

This set is just some pictures of etchings which I will also be selling as original pieces.

These particular ones are robotic creations from Al.Chemy (see a previous post).

And these personally I really like, they're all the warning signs dotted around test chambers in Portal. I'm apprehensive to sell these, as they're not my creation, but, well, they look so awesome! If the reception is positive enough, I may do a small run of them... Business is business!

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  1. Hell, if people at cons can get away with selling fanart in Artists' Alley, I'm pretty sure you can sell Portal pinbadges. You might want to check with artsfest if they have a policy on that sort of thing, though, as I hear it varies from convention to convention how much money you can make off fanworks.

    I don't think you'll have a problem with selling your original stuff though if you aren't allowed to sell the Portal ones, those Etching badges look pretty nifty.