Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday 4th October 2011 - Some Inking.

So yeah, back at uni today, I was quite riled to see that one of the tasks was to pass out our own scripts, then pencil someone elses! And, if that wasn't enough, The pencilled pieces were then passed around again and we had to ink- I'm sorry, "finish" something written by someone else, then pencilled by another someone.

Anyway, I was initially perturbed, but quickly warmed to the idea, and, to be honest, the freedom I had with the pencils I was given meant I could really get into inking this, what I can only assume, is some form of sorceror's tower? Wizard's abode? All I can tell, is the penciller, or scripter, I have no idea (was forced to fly blind with no script, and only work from the pencils), is there's a distinct 'Lord-Of-The-Rings-tower-of-Mordor' feel to it... All I could do was push that further! Winding staircases, cracked externals, buttresses, spikes, all set in a blasted land.

Hopefully I can get around to painting this soon, so I can see how it will look coloured... Or, at least... ...painted.

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