Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday 15th December 2011 - The Ins and Outs of Paper.

Well, ambiguous title, actually, only the concerns of paper within the arena of screen printing. As I recentley had the opportunity to give silk screening a bash with my xmas picture (Can see here: ), I also unintentionally got a crash course in papers which were good, and those not so good.

This is the original: It was made with Indian Ink and Sable Brush on a Highly textured Fabriano Paper at around 325gsm - something which is perfect for inks and watercolours. The original has yet to be painted.

In order of worst to best, this is first. Fabriano Artistico Paper at around 240gsm. It has a slight texture, but even that played around with the silk screen - It was hard to achieve a clean and defined line with all the bevels and nicks in the paper.

This is next, which is a shame, as I bought it especially for my screen prints. Another Fabriano paper, this one has an unknown weight and slight texture. But even that was enough to grant a fuzzy and discontinuous line. The squeegee had to be pulled twice to ensure a half decent line.

This stuff is amazing for anything I've thrown at it so far. Some miscellaneous Bristol Board type paper stock I nabbed from Uni, it has a highly smooth finish, but not glossy. This once again required two pulls, but the lines achieved were the closest to the original out of all the paper stocks tried.

And the best possible that I found. Somerset Watercolour Paper at ~280gsm. This has the smoothness of the bristol board, but combined with the harmonious effects of watercolours achieved on the heavier fabriano papers. The only thing that stopped the Bristol Board being best is it's aversion to inks and colours - it's a very absorbant board.

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