Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thursday 22nd December - Evolution of a 5 page comic.

These were the initial 4 pages I designed, working from some pretty chaotic and unorganized thumbnails, these were a draft more than anything.

Making limited changes (I should've made more/done some alternative pages, but it was the summer holidays, and Artsfest was more important). I redrew the whole thing onto A3 Watercolour board, and inked with dip nibs and indian ink.

After much rage and frustration was shared over the lettering, the solution was to get more board and pretty much draw over the initial speech and stick it on, hiding it.

An annoying task, which was sheer tediousness at this time of year. But, with that done, it was an easy task to then add digital lettering, with movable and adjustable speech bubbles, so if any issues arise now, it's an easy task to edit.


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