Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thursday 5th January 2011 - Battle of Hastings analysis.

Well, may aswell start the new year the way the old one ended; with a post about sequential art!

This was my first 6 week assignment when I started back at uni proper, and went a bit mental with it. In short; I wanted to draw a comic which would fulfill my desire to draw viking-esque figures, while also cracking my fingers and getting dirty with inks.

These were the first tiny thumbnails... At this stage a lot of the panels are based around images either that I think will look cool, or that I have seen somewhere else or just merely want to draw. Each thumbnail probably took 5 minutes or less.

These were then blown up into an A5 copy of the same imagery, alongside this in sketchbooks I began to script it and search for reference images, be they from the internet, other artists work or photos taken myself.

I won't upload all 4 of these, as one suffices to prove my point. The next stage involved one hell of a critique - which are always good, and always demoralizing. Basically, I had no alternatives or variations on my page, it was a straight line from conception to finalization, something  which needed to be altered. Doing this, I drew 10 A3 pages of potential compositions, some clearly sorted in my head, others composed on the page... Once all these were drew, they were scanned in to the PC, and combined with any I had kept from the original A5 drafts, blew them up to what was effectively an A3 collage.

 Inbetween the digital collage and the final piece I had a last minute stab of realization that since recompiling the pages panel 1 was totally unnecessary, so a quick rethink and redraw was required...

The next stage was where it all slowly began to come together. Getting some clean A3 board, I lightboxed the A3 collage onto said board, blocking in the main forms in pencil, so that I may detail and ink them later. Which I did. All was done with dip nibs and indian ink.

To make do on the critique received on my previous graphic novels, I decided it would be best to add all the text digitally, so that Any editing necessary could be conducted as easily as possible.

The last thing I done concerning this was a quick test to see how digital colours affected the novel, and general explorations in that area.

Happy new year folks!

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