Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday 22nd February 2012 - A Black Swan Assignment

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me- Enough of that. Where were we...

An assignment we picked up from uni (one set before my identity one, but which I was less inclined to complete) was to do the D&AD brief for Little White Lies - Another one of them seemingly annoying film review magazine which focuses on "Truth and films" which sounds like the strapline from a left wing theatre group. 

Yes, I wasn't exactly enthralled. However, the film I could choose to illustrate for their potential cover was Black Swan, which meant drawing Natalie Portman. Fun! 

This is where everything started - There are 4 pages like this, with rough designs and possible outcomes. An overwhelming proportion of the covers are a simple portrait of the main protagonist, completed in the illustrators own unique style. I could do that.

The next step after choosing a design idea was to become familiar with my subject, which meant lots of drawings of flat on, static, lifeless and in short, f*cking boring faces.

Completed in parallel to this was a final draft design, blown up slightly do a decent size, with the focus on communication and not ideation.

Next; a test of finishing style. I was surprised with how happy I was with this, and how well it came out.

Typography. I wanted a nice messy style - in keeping with how I was going to render the final. I like the red swan on the lower type.

My first attempt at the final. While I think each element in it works to a degree, as a whole I totally and utterly hate it, and am only showing as a point of reference for my repainted version.

So, after much deliberation and self deprecation, I spent a sunday totally repainting the final, lightboxing my test on finishing style onto fresh A3 board, and repeating the processes. As I was finding out that the eyes of Portman in Black Swan are the main focus - far beyond that of any other part of her face - I decided that the inclusion of anything but the eyes, in terms of composition and impact, were totally unnecessary, so I removed them all together!

My favored design, with an alteration of the type, and included masthead.

And that's where I decided to call it quits on this assignment.

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