Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday 12th March - A is for Audience

Our university assignment is to illustrate a set of 26 images (a - z) which in some way visually describes what we want to achieve with our work. I like fantasy art. I want to work in fantasy art. I chose fantasy art!

Surprise surprise.

First things first; pencils on Bristol Board. I love this stage, I still think having a nice detailed initial drawing can help much further down the line in terms of painting. With this, I have a good understanding of the direction i'm heading in, and don't sit drooling over my Wacom like a zombie.

As i'm still fairly nooby when it comes to the whole digital thing, I have - to this point, started my drawings in pure black and white, creating a 100% perfect (to my eyes) value map, which then could have colour added over it. However, I have noted as of late that a lot of the black and white is lost when I add colour, as the saturation levels just block out the work of the value layer, meaning I basically waste my time and end up with an image that can look crappy.

Okay,  Blogger died on me for an hour... Starting on a green base layer, I build up textures loosely, to try and maintain a sense of fluidity in the image, keeping the colour scheme muted and harmonious.

Building up more textures, and adding in some LENS FLARE!!!!! to the stranded pirates lantern. The ship is now more than just outlines as well.


integrating the lens flare into the lantern, and finding the forms on the character. 

 Final stages, picking out some more detail, adding in some reflected light on the pirates sleeves, and darkened some areas. 

The A-Z of these images I planned on mounting onto custom trading card teplates, to give them all a sense of unification and congriguity.

These, I feared, would look rushed and unprofessional, as I'd spend all my time on painting, and none on the design aspects. For that reason, I devoted all my time between lectures on coming up with a decent design. I think I went through about 7 or 8 different iterations before this one cropped up?

So... Crits tomorrow, to see what others think...

Oh yeah, I have a new avatar as well!

Also; Site is undergoing a major reform, with new graphics, backgrounds, typography, headers and what not all being uploaded, hopefully before easter.

As part of our professional practise module, I'm updating my web presence to; 'professional' rather than; 'someone who spends too much time with his crayons'... Hopefully.

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