Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday 25th March - B is for Brutality

As with them all, B started with a pencil sketch on Bristol Board!

Well... Not technically, technically B started with a coffee induced spasm which looked something similar to this in my sketchbook, but who wants to see the innards of a sketchbook?

Next: An undercoat. As 'A' was so successful without a Black and White value painting initially, I decided to go with the flow and do the same again, this time using a Burnt Umber undercoat. So dark any of my old art tutors would have hit me with a rolled up newspaper.

Building up the warehouse surroundings, and adding in the necessary figures, I realized very soon that this piece will be one hell of a dark one, so went forward with the intention of doing some pretty crazy lighting - trying to get as much out of these paintings as possible.

Still dark, but not *as* dark - texture passes and complimentary colours were slapped around, hoping at this point to rectify my blunders.

Really getting the light sources finalized - adding bounce lights, rim lights, reflected lights and dull lights on anything that isn't lit!

At this point all the actual painting I considered done, and went about balancing the colours, levels, curves, and final polish ups to really help tie the piece together...

As I recentley invested in a rather sexy 28 inch monitor, (which has a contrast ratio which seriously puts most mac monitors to shame, and signed the death certificate of my old 19 inch monitor) I have yet to get to grips with how to make my paintings look good universally, and not just on my monitor... For printing I've found out that if I ram the brightness up to +125, and the contrast down to -90, I can get a reasonably acceptable result, but also - using adjustment layers I can really make colours pop - especially light sources.

The version which can be seen on my DeviantArt, CGHub, and now my Blog!

And the image mounted up on the Trading Card template, ready for printing!

Phew... 24 more to go...   -   -

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