Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday 2nd April 2012 - G is for... Going Well!

Okay, I may have lied a little there, as although it is going well, G is the final entry for today, being preceeded first by D, E and F.

D is above. After an overly cool palette on 'C', I went for a warm Sandstone coloured piece. I believe this all started with a texture macro shot of Ayers Rock, which I then botched and colour picked from.

Personally I quite liked 'E', but it hasn't received much feedback in terms of internet traffic, so I fear that it may not be as captivating for an audience... This was another one where I was almost impatient to finish it, and first uploaded a version which had a few errors picked out, which I was quick to spot and fix the morning after.

The before and after. This was a fun painting actually, as I got to paint a magical glow effect eminating from the bastion, which I find terrific fun to paint - seeing how far I can push tones and values...

'F', In my opinion, a weak link in my A-Z so far. I may need to go back at a later date and fix it up to a worthy standard.

And 'G'! I started this about 10 minutes after finishing 'F', and put my stylus down 13 minutes ago... Roughly 6 - 7 hours in a single sitting, which isn't bad. Above was the first block in stage, this took like, 20 - 30 minutes? And I thought it looked epic.

Starting to block the characters in, I also pushed the contrast to just make the values pop. Added some focal points in the form of red markers on the protectors - how they can spot and distinguish one another in a dense forest - and two beguiled travellers who think they may have found a shortcut. While not a saturated focal point, I think the juxtaposition of the values works enough, and the fact that they're in the eye of a quite circular and flowing composition.

I finally started painting over the pencil lines and adding in extra compositional elements (the stone edifice covered in vines) and really pushed the detail (to a sensible degree) on the protectors...

And after the final pass. I tried to keep this image quite free of clutter in terms of overlayed textures; all work was 100% with brushes, same as with 'C'.

And that's that! 'G' for Guesswork, because second guessing yourself may ruin a great idea, or get you killed by over-protective wood elves...

Oh yeah, and this whole new website thing... Quite pleased with my archaic coding product.

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