Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday 20th April 2012 - Perseverance Workflow

First, the background, as normal. There was no details on my pencil sketch, so I just sort of winged some sky textures and loose mountain shapes in, hoping to get something looking half decent. The people slugging it out in the background were a happy coincident crossed with some random shapes dropped in.

Blocking the figure in. It was at this point I realized how little I actually cared for following my sketch, and after the base colours had been blocked in, I had to consider my options...

The result? I thought screw it, flattened the image and just started painting over the top of my pencils. I seem to confine my paintings by following the pencils as late into the painting as I do, and this sort of chokes the freedom one is actually allowed with digital painting.

 Painting the figure was so much fun. There's obvious mistakes, and I think the head is a little too big, but it was so much fun just letting loose and potential shapes guide me in designing his armor. I unfortunately don't have a part WIP  of this stage - I painted it all in one sitting on one layer, and don't incrementally save in that manner.

And some detail shots. The 'detail' is far removed from how I normally paint!

And a wallpaper, where all the detail is more visible.

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