Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday 24th April 2012 - Card Deck Box

So yeah. I decided to do trading cards for my A-Z.

Something which I remember from my Magic Cards, Pokemon Cards and pretty much every other kind of card I owned in the past, they came in pretty nice deck boxes, with specific art and colour schemes.

This kind of thing - Descriptive, sleek colour scheme, tasty chunk of art.

So I needed one. Colours by now were easy - I chose ones used on my business cards, website, postcards, and pretty much anywhere else. This keeps all my things within a certain limited visual range, which gives them congruity.

As for the art - I chose pieces with characters in, as people most readily associate with people, and then refined this by choosing pieces where perhaps some of the details are lost in their shrinking for Trading Cards. Specifically; 'P', 'U' (Currently unpublished anywhere, so, sneak peak ahoy!) and 'Q'. I especially was proud of 'Q', as now viewers can see all the tasty warpaint and dress details.

And If I were studying textiles, I could make this.

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