Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday 30th May 2012 - Even angels will fall..?

Yeah, have been spitballing a new body of work to undertake - my A-Z showed me that I need to spend a LOT more time painting skin; nice skin, smooth skin. Not skin scarred by battle or covered in shit and mud.

I also have a bit of a pining to draw some pin ups, and some angels, and some plain weird shit.

As well as this, I also need to look at expanding the ways I combine traditional and digital media.

So, I may well combine all of this into a body of work. Even Angels Will Fall... A title which has been rattling around. Something which all this work can fall under. And be tied together by.

Above is the first potential image: spawned from a conversation about Jack the Ripper, and his left handedness, and the fact that me and the other half of the conversation were also left handed... And yeah. Was fairly happy with the face! Sure there will be problems with it tomorrow.

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