Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday 15th June 2012 - Die Stahlhelm!

Am I low on money? Damn right.
Did I sacrifice precious cider money for a mere curio? Damn right.
Was it worth it? Probably.

Yes, even though I have not much cash to hand, I've decided to go and buy myself a replica WW2 Stahlhelm.

My justifications are as follows:

It will be useful! Zombie apocalypse or not, being able to snap reference photos of how helmets sit on people's heads, the specular lighting effects, and the potential for it helping in my illustrations was almost reason enough.

History is fun! I love military history... I'm currently debating the potential of being able to do some militaria related work over summer, throughout the days where i'll be able to do nothing but draw after shelling money out on helmets and art supplies... But yes, owning a replica of a 3rd SS Panzer Division (Totenkopf) M35 helmet is, well... It is what it is.

It's damn cool! I mean, really cool. A steel world war 2 replica helmet, complete with battle damage, wear, tear and decals? That is, like, really awesome. It can sit in my room, inbetween my gas mask, munitions and other military antiquities just looking bad ass.

Oh yeah, and that's the lining. So it's fully wearable. So there's potential of wearing it to festivals. Awww yeah.

I'm almost certain i'll get some form of negative publicity for this, in one way or another. Just to note; IT IS JUST A REPLICA. Owning military gear does in no way represent one's beliefs/opinions... I'm just a bit of a world war 2 nerd.

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