Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday 8th June 2012 - Ugh... Digital Painting...

What was considered finished...

Some quick redlines I done after 10 minutes or so of looking at it and hating it:
Neckline, where was/is it?
Clavicle, needs more to it.
Breasts, need a metric tonne of work: Need almost totally changing - they didn't translate from the pencils too well at all...

Still some work needed around the face and neck area, but I fear this is a massive problem which can't be easily fixed... The liquify tool really helped for me to push some of the anatomy around, in, up, down, etc. Her boobs look far better in my opinion, but the jawline/neck/clavicle/upper torso in general needs more work than i'm willing to put in... I'd rather start anew, and hope to learn from these mistakes.

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