Monday, 23 July 2012

Monday 23rd July 2012 - A Slew of Team Fortress 2!

A few years ago Team Fortress 2 was literally the only game I played, clocking something like 300 hours over the course of one summer.

Extreme to say the least.

It has also been the subject of numerous attempts at fan art by me. Some so unsuccessful it hurts my eyes, and, more recently, some slightly improved variations.

Some fairly poor attempts can be found by rooting through my archives on DeviantArt, but i'm more interested in displaying the recent ones, so won't deeplink them here.

This was a piece of fan art as a congratulatory/celebratory image for my friend who landed a job as a civil engineer. Can see the initial sketches in the sketchbook, I then took it straight from that to the brown paper for a value drawing. Then framed it to make it look all fancy.

The typography is hand done by lightboxing the official Team Fortress 2 typeface onto the paper.

These were final communicative sketches made as part of an extensive prep. for a friends birthday. Her favourite class is Pyro, so I initially sketched that out, but it was (too) heavily referenced from someone elses art. So scratched that idea. Then I decided on a medic, thinking the two pieces could make a nice pair, the pyro on the left and the medic on the right.

As it turned out, I liked them both, but, the Medic wasn't a Pyro.

This was what I finally went for, a different take on the Pyro, with a party hat as it was a birthday present.

Fortunately; the present went down well.

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