Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday 8th July 2012 - Snail Mail Away!

Now my art books have been delivered, quality checked and signed (unsigned copies available here: and off the back of a successful week of interning, I thought it would be a good idea to post a package to ImagineFX magazine - a magazine dealing nearly exclusively with Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration, and a magazine I have been collecting for years.

To be published in their monthly portfolio section would boost my ego no end, and hopefully widen my audience somewhat. Plus, the benefits of being published should hopefully reflect in my CV and by being able to show my family, friends and classmates the magazine.

Being a contributor to IFX in the future would be a pretty cool thing as well, and initiating contact now could hopefully reflect positively in the future. And, besides thinking of myself, ImagineFX has lead to me improving dramatically in terms of digital media, led to me discovering some fun events to go to, and has generally helped my development as a creative person overall. I hope my enclosed goodies go someway towards thanking the team for the work they put in!

Firstly; A covering letter, explaining the package, and why they would be interested in the contents!

Possibly the most important part of the parcel; my book. The quotes of my A to Z were sourced and referenced from ImagineFX, so in that respect I hope the editors of the magazine like how i've adapted the quotes of their current contributors.

Some business cards - always good to send out when conducting matters of a slightly professional nature! In my opinion anyway.

4 Postcards, each of a different style, with customized reverse. These were printed through, and turned out very nice! The images were my favourites of the A-Z at the time, in hindsight, I'd rahter 'U' (The one not pictured) To have been substituted for either P or R, as they turned out better than expected.

The most glamourless part of the parcel - a DVD, containing digital editions of everything tangible sent, along with my submitted images for ImagineFX's monthly portfolio section.

All of it together. Looking fairly impressive!

And here it is all condensed down. The black paper is Fabriano, so, very nice quality, almost too nice to use as glorified wrapping paper!

An authentic wax seal! Used to seal the ribbon and paper all together, I think it ties the whole thing together nicely.

A clear plastic envelope, So that the delicate wax, and part-fragile contents, don't get weather damaged or beaten in the post.

Finally, the address! This will be packed and posted first thing tomorrow, and, if luck has it's way and I cash in whatever good karma I may have, I might be able to see my work grace the pages of ImagineFX!

A bigger, more in depth, and double paged Forest Guardian sketch! This has yet to be finished, so is still slightly unreadable.

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