Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday 11th July 2012 - Varangian Processes.

A quick run through of my most recent digital piece, mostly to stop my blog gathering dust. 

'The Varangians Ride' started as these two sketches underneath:

The problem with these sketches is that, well, that's all they are: Sketches. This needed expanding upon, as I liked the idea of a well defended fortress built on an island between a forked river...

The block ins were nice and simple, I used photos of the Ukraine and Russia in the winter as reference - as I envisaged the sailors Varangian Guard from the Byzantine Empire approaching Kiev, which at that time (if I remember my history) was part of the Novgorod empire, and was actually visited by the Byzantines. 

The longboat was giving me continual problems...

The model in Google SketchUp of the fort. SketchUp is too good for nailing a good perspective and creating interesting shapes. 

Said fort, blocked in on the painting. It was about this time I realized the sheer ineptness of my attempt at the longboat. That needs fixing...

Using a simple block in correct perspective, I managed to use SketchUp to help get a better looking boat. I also began adding in some detail to the castle.

Adding some final touches like smoke rising lazily from the fort and reinforced buttresses on the outer walls, I called it complete.

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