Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thursday 20th December 2012 - A Study of Dracula

My recent assignment from uni saw me take an introspective turn and analyse my own working process, in an endeavor to make my works better, and seem more realistic. This was all brought about after some self analysis showed how even though I done levels of research, it never really permeated into the end painting, and more often than not I was relying on crutches and guess work to float me through the painting stage.

So, to overcome this I spent pretty much 4 solid months figuring out and refining a working process which turns this around, and, with continued implementation will hopefully yield much higher quality paintings.

I hope to make one or two quick walkthroughs of the precise steps before Christmas  but for now; these are the 4 final paintings of the assignment:

I certainly think they are better than some of my past paintings, but be that from the increased time spent on them, or the preparatory work I put into them. 

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