Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday 30th January 2013 - A Small Update

I've left this alone for waaaay too long.

But, I had a dissertation to proof read, reference and publish, jobs to do, and competitions to prepare for.

I dug out my old embroidery kit from summer, and knocked this together for my old man for his birthday, he appreciates this kind of stuff, and it was good practice, as I may be using embroidery to some degree in my final project for uni.

This is like the only painting I've done so far in January, and with 1 day left, it looks to be the only painting of this month. That's bad, bad discipline by me, and as I always say, next month will be different.

And above is this year's watermark! Similar in shape to last years, as I like the way it fits into the corner of a painting. The runes translate to "10, 10, 1, 3" So sort of 2013 if you do some selective maths. The glow effect game out cool though...

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