Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday 1st February 2013 - Hivemind

I was recently approached with a sample of some homebrewed mead, to try, and, if I enjoyed it, I was to supply a label...

Well. I say that.

A friend brewed some up, I was around to try some, ended up being knocked on my arse by it, and was inspired to create a label for the blank bottles.

Sketching it out was remarkably easy, considering it was the first piece of art i'd attempted in a while... I guess the rest time allowed my mind to spin down.

I drew the main zombie chap and the lettering separately, knowing I could stick them together in Photoshop no problem. This also meant I didn't need to worry about balancing them up in pencil, as I could just use the transform tool. Some would probably consider this cheating, I consider it using all the tools I have available to streamline my workflow.

As my friend wasn't a professional client, and had no vested interest in what I was spending my time doing, there were no alterations needed, so I was able to go straight on to the inking. I wanted to give it a comic book look, with detailed inks and quite a simple colour overlay. It was fun to ink traditionally again.

I tried to make it look as distressed as possible, and give the honey leaking out of the chaps orifices (After all, it is mead) an almost luminous quality. All that's left is to print this bugger out and stick it on the remaining bottles!

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