Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wednesday 20th February 2013 - Polished Inks


These are the inks I posted last time, cleaned up some, dropped onto a black background and converted into a .PNG. That means they now have transparent backgrounds (see below), which will hopefully help when it comes to printing them onto various items.

There was some difficulties involved in getting certain parts to stay white, and certain parts not erasing properly, but I guess that's a good thing - I can evaluate that stuff and get extra marks (hopefully).

These are the same designs with the desired band's logos dropped on them - quickly vectored from low resolution copies, they are mere placeholders, and I guess I must make this apparent: These are unlicensed works, the logos are used solely as a visual indicator, and I have no intention of breaching copyright. Because some people are annoying...

I do hope to contact the bands when coloured versions are also complete, or maybe now that the black and white designs are done I could have a go... But yeah, for now, these are just mock ups.

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