Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday 18th March 2013 - Minor site updates

Not really effecting my main website, but there's now a new button on the right which will take viewers to my Facebook page (set up exclusively to deal with art created and focused on the music industry), and some of my orbit sites (Tumblr, Twitter etc) have had their addresses changed to 'JHIllustrations', to try and establish a sole brand across the internet. Now all I need is a few spare pounds to change my deviant art name and all will be complete!


And because you come here to see artwork - here's some concepts for shirt designs for some bands**! I'm currently in talks to have all the shirts printed as actual official designs which the bands will then sell as they tour around this upcoming summer. I look forward to people wearing stuff I've drawn!

(**All logos are used solely as a design crutch - no intention is made to have these logos considered as A) My own work or B) to sell these products unless instructed or allowed by the aforementioned bands)

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