Thursday, 7 March 2013

Thursday 7th March 2013 - Band Stuff

I now have a Facebook page!

Considering how easy it is to post and network over it, especially with bands and the like, it is being used exclusively for my music art.

One of my Warpath designs is now OFFICIAL! Which means it's being printed onto shirts, hopefully as I type, which is awesome news!

I also spent some time colouring up a few of these black and white designs:

While these are acceptable, they're not great, and neither were they time effective. In lieu of this, I endeavored to find a new technique which had the benefit of being fast, effective, and still maintained an applicability of being able to be put on shirts, posters, and anything else with equal effectiveness.

This is what I came up with. Inspired by a lot of my band shirts, the focus comes from the rim lights, and the actual colours of the main subject are all quite bland and neutral.

While I don't think this is super effective, it was my first painting and my first experiment, and I am more than willing to plug more time into looking at how to perfect this method.

And here's the t-shirt mock ups! Look pretty snazzy in my opinion...

So yeah! Head over to my Facebook page, give it a like, and see what happens!

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