Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday 10th June 2013 - Logo Design

I've always thought Death/Black metal logos looked awesome. It's the inevitable conclusion of making typography more about the appearance/aesthetic than actual legibility. Much like wildstyle grafitti, it's about the appearance of the piece as a whole, rather than the legibility of single letterforms.

Very very different audiences, techniques and intentions, but the final result isn't a million miles from one another - abstracted to the point of total illegibility, so all that's left is the pure visual effect of it, and when this happens, you need to make it look very, very good.

Anyway, I suck at logo design, much like I sucked at graffiti when I tried many moons ago. But, as my work with bands is picking up, I thought I needed to give it another go.

Attempt number one! Yeahh, totally illegible. But, I didn't like the overall shape or the 'organic' spikes, where they're curved. I wanted something a lot more blocky and rigid.

Back to the sketchbook! This was the result of another 3 pages of sketching. I went with the symmetrical approach, evident in so many band logos, and I think all of the ones shown above. Personally I was very happy with the 'J' (First Letterform) and the 'S' (Last Letterform).

A couple of late nights in Illustrator and boom, I had a very very clean, vectored logo. Spiky enough, illegible if the viewer isn't particularly schooled in the decryption of these kind of logos, and very clean, thanks to illustrator.

I was pretty happy with this! Time to apply it to stuff...

P.S: The redlining of it, hopefully it should now read J H Illustrations? As that's what I hope it reads as...


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