Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday 19th July 2013 - THIS IS NOT WORLD OF TANKS!

Yup, being the total nerd that I am, one of my favourite ways of killing time not illustrating is playing games. My current (re)obsession is World of Tanks, a free to play game developed by WarGaming. For someone who doesn't have the lightning reaction times of a 10 year old mainlining red bull, FPS's like Call of Duty and Battlefield just make me angry, whereas this is slower paced to a degree, and the historical factor really appeals to me.

Way back when, in March time, they had a contest as it was their second anniversary, the prizes being £40 worth of in game stuff (Yes, I know I said it's free to play, but it has the option of microtransactions, to buy bonuses and limited edition tanks etc.). It was a creative contest, to design - of all things - a birthday card. Sure! I thought, I'm creative, I have an idea, I'll give it a bash.

I painted this in February. Look! It has tanks in it! I thought I could adapt this...

It was their second anniversary... So, I thought, let's add in a second destroyed tank (A t-34 for those who wish to know), and they could signify milestones passed. I also got rid of the swastika and added in the World of Tanks logo as the helmet decal. So yeah, I done this, attached the image to a folded piece of card, added the moniker "That's the Second one Down!" and posted it off to their PR department in Paris.

So I done this in February, and didn't hear anything back, and I thought "meh" maybe they didn't like the picture, maybe the iron cross on the Tiger tank was against entry conditions, I had numerous thoughts.

What I wasn't expecting, was a month ago to get an e-mail telling me I'd won one of the prizes! Not just a regular prize, but the best possible one, a limited edition tank! The Type 62. So this was awesome, and rekindled my interest in the game, and since then, I've started replaying it.

This has also led to me practicing my software skills, and sourcing some video capture software, and learning how to make animated gifs in Photoshop (awesome by the way, the only other method I knew of involved an outdated piece of software; Ulead), by directly importing video files to layers and simply saving for Web as a looping gif. Do you want to see some? Sure you do!


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