Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday 15th July 2013 - It's never too hot for coffee.

Yup, this has been the encapsulation of today - Coffee and traditional media.

For those readers who may not know, England is currently going through an unseasonable (unseasonable in that - it's summer and it's sunny) heatwave, and sitting inside in heats ranging from 23 to 30 degrees for about 8 hours straight is a sticky prospect.

What have I been working on? You may shout - I've shown no digital work since graduating, not a good start to my illustration career! You may think. Well, as I've discovered, this is the pain of professional work. I can't flash it off online, or in person, like I can with personal stuff. I think all I'm at liberty to say is, I've done some painting and some storyboards for a company, for their own intellectual properties.

What else have I done?

This! This is 3 years of sketchbooks, from Uni and some personal sketchbooks thrown in. Here they are a little more organized:

On the left are A4 sketchbooks, on the right, A3. These don't include non-ringbound pads, such as my bristol board or marker paper, which I have not (for obvious reasons) put into storage.

Seriously, I never thought shifting roughly 70kg of sketchbooks would take so long!

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