Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tuesday 2nd July 2013 - It's already July..?!


I have so much to do, and as far as I dig into it, the pile doesn't seem to decrease.

Have updated my gallery: http://jhillustrationsgallery.blogspot.co.uk/
and my portfolio: http://jhillustrations.daportfolio.com/

I wanted to design a new website but have yet to even begin that, along with setting up an online store for made to order shirts and framed prints.

I also have 4 or 5 images to paint to finish off my portfolio, and some for clients. This I was going to start today, but the insane levels of sunburn I received over the weekend have left me reeling, with a very low tolerance to screen glare and eye focus, as I cannot wear my glasses.

I have been to uni and picked up all my work and possessions however, and, as well as my work, I picked up a couple of prints I bought from Lisa Harper, which are just totally awesome, and as you can see are already framed, and now on my wall.

I've also completed two versions of a design for a Merchandise Competition set up by the London based band: Acrania.

The design is exactly the same, except one is monotone, and one is coloured. I think I personally prefer the monotone version, but the deadline for this is in 2 days, so, fingers crossed!

And a couple of developmental shots:

So yes, I do hope this week isn't wasted being in pain with sunburn, and I hope I can get back to having fun sketching and painting, and keeping you guys updated with it all!

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