Thursday, 19 September 2013

Thursday 19th September 2013 - Army Brush

Something I'm faced with, not exactly regularly, but often enough that it's a constant presence, is the necessity to paint a whole army. Undergoing such a task by painting the people one by one I feel leads to the image feeling awkward and flat, as when looking at a crowd in the distance, you don't see all the detail, just blocks of colour, light and shadow.

So to expedite the whole process, I made a very quick, and very rough, stamp brush, this stamped, while changing the size of the stamp and the transparency can very quickly create a massed horde of warriors - excellent!

Another excellent feature of the brush palette in Photoshop (f5) is that you can flip a brush on its X axis, so to avoid repetition, it's possible to just flip the brush and stamp it some more!

This was a quick 10 minute speedpaint to test it out. I added in some banners and flags to keep the visual interest there, and pulled out some shapes to create into some form of commander chap.

Another important thing to note is that adding speculars and highlights onto parts helps to increase the realism - I used an abstract brush stamp and randomly applied them - I didn't want to waste time zooming in and applying them individually.

So yeah! An army brush. If you want to download it and give it a go, the link is here:


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