Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday 9th October 2013 - Dragon Tiger Ox - The first of many?

A bit of a different blog post today.

One of the first professional jobs I'm actually able to speak about and share (at the behest of my Art Director). I'm currently working with Little Red Goblin Games ( ) on one of their IPs - a tabletop RPG campaign based on the Pathfinder rules, which are themselves based off of official Dungeon and Dragons rules (I think!).

This is totally cool as I've wanted to work for D&D since I first picked up one of their rulebooks and checked out the art, waaaaay back when I was like 13/14, and now I kind of am!

Anyway, I was approached with the opportunity to illustrate an entire rulebook, which is totally awesome, and has gave me an excuse to research, investigate, and illustrate ancient china, which as far as I have discovered, involves exotic weapons, funny hats, and so god damned much folded cloth I'll be able to paint it with my eyes closed upon conclusion.

But there's a kickstarter page up, which includes an awesome video with an even better namedrop!

So yeah, check it out! It's all good fun, and if you pledge $5 I think it is? You get $10 worth of a .pdf rulebook, which will contain my first published illustrations!

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