Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thursday 28th November 2013 - Working with Illnesses

A totally boring post today, as this is something I've had to deal with a fair bit in the past couple of weeks: Working whilst ill.

I had the joys of getting food poisoning from an undisclosed location, which put me down for about 3 days, then, thanks to been immuno-compromised, I got some horrible flu/cold illness to follow this up. If I had an actual job, I'd have probably been sent home. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury, so I had the choice - sleep it off, or just work through it.

I chose to work through them, as best I could. I still required two days solely focused on the improvement of my health (mostly sleeping), however, even when feeling quite under the weather, I endeavored to work through it - deadlines aren't forgiving, and being such a noobie in the industry, I don't really have the weight or reputation to be able to, well, have an unnecessary day off basically.

This did have its bad aspects - It was harder to paint, methods I generally use weren't as effective, tricks were falling through, generally the task of painting took longer, which was incredibly annoying.

However, it did have its good aspects - even a half finished painting is better than a painting not even started, and working digitally means it's no problem (other than the aspect of time) to improve it, overpaint areas, and so on.

I can't show the paintings I was working on while ill - they're for clients and so forth,but I was also working on this personal piece - still to be finished.

A lot of this basically had to be painted twice, the initial pass was okay, but not great. This is basically the summary of my past couple of weeks - paint a painting, then come back to it the day after, or the week after, and have to spend a considerable amount of hours fixing what was already there. The frustration was as bad as the actual illness.

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