Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saturday 11th January 2014 - Busy new year!

Happy new year to everybody, I'm suitably late in updating this, so apologies! 

It has been quite a hectic start to the new year; I've spent pretty much every waking hour trying to get my affairs in order after having 10 days off for Christmas - Finishing up 3 jobs, getting myself another 3, and still having a couple in limbo I need to do something about... Eek! 

Anyway yes, loose plans for 2014: 

> Actually apply for some freelance jobs (one more[!!!] portfolio piece to go) at bigger international companies. 
> Sort out my HDD/Internet bookmarks, it's getting a little silly now
> Decrease time taken to paint an image/look at refining painting process
> Move out
> Get better at perspective. 
> Pay rent.

And that's basically it! Everything else I do will be in an effort to achieve one of these 4 goals.

But that's enough boring stuff! What have I been working on..? 

Well, I'll show that soon, instead here's some stuff I've been meaning to put up for like 2/3 months: 

This was my first piece done for Rite Publishing's Lords of Gossamer and Shadow, links below:

© Rite Publishing 2013-14

I actually had to start painting this mid-suffering of food poisoning, so the going was slow and ominous. 

© Rite Publishing 2013-14

Painting the little screens and dials on the tank was a lot of fun. As might be visible, I had to change the armor in the tank, I had an idea initially of having it really loose and slowly forming out of the water, but painting it turned out to be a nightmare, and not really what I wanted it to look like. 

© Rite Publishing 2013-14

I always work from back to front, which can have its downsides, as I can stick a fair amount of detail into the background and have no energy left for the foreground, but working this way gives me a base of colour on the canvas to pick from and work with. 

© Rite Publishing 2013-14

Blocking in the main figure, he came out quite green in places due to the main source of lighting being the blue tank behind him. This was the first "finished" pass, everything was rendered up to a degree, so I sent it over to my AD for any revisions. 

© Rite Publishing 2013-14

It was decided the whole composition was quite "left heavy", so I added in a screen and some more wires on the right to frame it, turned the mode to CMYK and sent the .tiff off! 

I have a few more paintings to show like this, and some more stuff I want to blog about, if I can find the time... 

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