Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday 7th February 2014 - Walkthrough of a Logo Design

I was approahced by the guys in Hatred Embodied to update their band logo, after they had saw the logo I made for myself way back in May/June time: 

Liking the sound of this, I set to work! 

First came the sketching, I knew in my mind the kind of shape that I wanted, and the kind of symmetry that's prevalent in metal band logos. Also, one of the band's inspirations is Templar Knights and The Crusades and that period in history, so I wanted to find some way of including that in the logo.

It turned out the first logo I sketched was the most warmly received, so that one it was! The first step was to pencil it out, in big, with a ruler and tight measurements to make sure it was even, symmetrical and all parallel/adjacent.

Then it was a case of dropping the pencilled image into Adobe Illustrator and Vectoring it. Easy enough, just slightly time consuming.

However I wasn't 100% on the final look, so I then took this into Photoshop for some last minute editing and refining. I made the sword thinner, thickened some lines up and probably some more things I can't really remember.

And that was basically it! I loved doing this to be honest, it was such a nice change of pace and something totally out of left field. I was also commissioned to do an album cover/shirt design, so that will be making an appearance soon!


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