Monday, 3 February 2014

Monday 3rd February 2014 - Publications!

Hey Guys! I've been out of it for a while - this past two weeks has been totally manic. I'm still trying to clear the backlog of work that I accumulated over Christmas, along with doing a load of things with Revenue & Customs and the like.

But anyway, while I've been doing that, quite a lot of my work has cropped up in publications now!

This piece:

Ended up here (and was chosen as the cover art!):

This piece, also for Rite Publishing:

Can be found here:

10 Labels, for The Shed Brewery (I'm not sure about sharing the artwork, so I won't.), which are being featured in The Drinker Magazine.

A small excerpt I found about the brewery in a CAMRA magazine.

Lastly, but by no means leastly, this glorious rulebook which was my introduction and baptism by fire into the world of painting things everyday for food money:

I'll probably do an entirely separate blog post on this, after I've checked about sharing the art now the product is live, but I painted in total 12 images for this, including the cover and a bonus image, all of which are available in High-Res for the Kickstarter backers, I believe.

Also, apparently Dragon Tiger Ox is in the running for a couple of awards/prize kind of things, which would be quite awesome indeed! I also posted off one of the images to Spectrum Fantastic Arts to try and get featured in Spectrum #21, which would just be the icing on the cake really!

That's it for now, I have a lot of overtime coming through from my other job at the moment, so I might try to update my blog a fair bit as I haven't much time at the moment.

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