Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday 9th March 2014 - Shed Brewery Rebranding

Mis-spelling of my name aside (it happens all the time), and my e-mail address (boo), this is in a local real ale magazine! A small section on the rebranding of The Shed Brewery which has taken up a part of my time for the past month or so.

Sunday 09th March 2014 - Recent Work

Hey all, first post that I've wrote on a Sunday in a loooong time - mostly due to the fact that I'm not hungover, it's a nice day and I'm in a good mood, so why the hell not.

I'm back on a project at the moment which has a vast, wide reaching Non-Disclosure act, so once again what I've been working on will be in the shadows for quite some time. In spite of that I'll try to post some of what I've either got up to in the past or am doing as well as this main assignment.

This is one of the latter:

I hope I can show these... They are very quick drafts for another project, I was trying a "concept art" approach (the principles of concept art have been on my mind a lot recently), and painted each in about 10 - 15 minutes, using photo plates and photobashing some parts together, along with paint overs. They are purely digital, with no traditional (or digital) sketching taking place beforehand. It was quite a different way of working, anticipating and pushing values around rather than lines.