Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Wednesday 30th April 2014 - 'The Duel' process.

What I hope to do over the next few days is to upload the processes of the work I done for Little Red Goblin Games on their Dragon Tiger Ox pathfinder sourcebook. Just to show how my working process evolved, and how I repeat certain elements in a production line style.

The Duel:

The duel called for two martial artists battling in the midst of a storm. The rest was left open to interpretation.

What I really wanted was for them to be fighting in the overgrown ruins of some ancient temple or monument, kind of like these ruins:

But it was pretty hard to design a composition with this in mind, which still left focus on the duelling characters, which was, after all, the important subject matter.

This was the eventual composition, a stairway, with a soon to be arch. It gave room for the stormy elements, and wasn't so overpowering as to detract from the characters.

Here it is with the arch and characters blocked in. The background is way too dark in hindsight, but this was 7/8 months ago, and has since been published, so there's no going back now.

Beginning block in on the characters. Usually I like to do the background on day 1, and the figure/focus on day 2, so I'm not tired/distracted by the time I get to the central focus of the image.

Effects! I wanted the Daibo to be reverberating from the force, and needed the pavement to be cracking and the water to be splashing up. I began pushing the background further back too.

Adding costume to the second chap. I wanted the colours to be contrasting for distinction - if this assignment taught me anything it was how to paint crumpled and layered cloth.

Facial details, I added these in last as I hate painting faces. I have since learned this is stupid, and now paint them first. Get the difficult parts done and out the way while full of energy, and faces are focal points anyway, so putting extra time into them is *always* worthwhile.

Last minute things: Brightening the characters, adding subtle parts here and there, and changing the leaping figure's anatomy; his leg was in totally the wrong place, so that needed to be fixed before being sent off.

And that was it for the first illustration!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 - Long time no update

What a month March was! 

It has flown by, seemingly unnoticed in my studio. I've had a lot happen, some good, some not so good. 

I've been called back on the team for a pre-production TV series, for which I am providing environmental and character concept art - I wrote a small bit on my DeviantArt about it:
Roughly 12 months ago I was approached with the opportunity to work on a TV series, producing teaser illustrations to interest investors, get the cast motivated, and so on. 
Well now I'm back for more work! I'm producing more pipeline work, concept art, illustrations, possible storyboards, that kind of stuff. This is like, a huge project, and somehow it was also technically my first paid gig, so will always hold some form of sentiment for me. 
However, as with TV, Films, Games, etc, there's a huge all-encompassing net of non-disclosure, so I personally am not allowed to share any work for ages (years and years). But I like to get my work online, to show I'm actually being productive. 
The official Facebook page for the TV Series is here:
The CEOs/Producers can share my work as they see fit, so if you go ahead and like the page, my work often crops up in the form of teasers, marketing pieces, etc. Sharing it and getting the word out is always much appreciated too. 

So yep, that basically covers it - I'm busy painting vikings and longboats and mountains, all that good stuff. But I can't share any of it! Which means that for March there isn't much work to show. 

I've also been working on some traditional stuff, all commissioned - 

I've got an album cover currently sat on the drawing board waiting to be inked up, I just need the client to get in touch: 

Unlike with digital stuff it's not as easy to just delete a layer and begin again with traditional, so I need to be quite verbose with clients with this kind of stuff. 

Also working with the guys over at Strolen's Citadel on rebranding their website, with some new banners and logos and so forth: 

There is a lot more which I will either share later or just leave - Things like favicons, logos, forum icons, etc. But these were quite fun to do! Finding some really scratchy watercolour paper, and using old dip pens to try and recreate that medieval scribed kind of appearance, crossed with my own take on things of course.