Friday, 2 May 2014

Friday 2nd May 2014 - 'Races' Workflow

'Races' was a little different than all the other images. Mostly due to content - there was no background, and each character needed equal levels of detail, as they are all playable races in Dragon Tiger Ox, they all needed their own personality and character. Which takes time. So this image probably took as long as, if not longer, than The Duel.

Going through my .psds, I didn't save a mid way through one of the Celestial, so this is the first one. They are very dignified and quite haughty individuals, so dressed this one in a very fine robe with pale skin and hair.

The human I wanted looking a little fed up - they are the most numerous of the races, and probably have to put up with a fair amount.

Working more into the skin and the expression. Drawing a contrast between him and the Celestial, I have the Human quite a scruffy appearance.

Starting on the Vanara, my fur brush is quite chaotic, so I approached it in layers - skin first, then fur, and clothing last for a natural look.

Working on the skin and face more - Vanara are apparently naturally cheeky and light hearted, so having him look quite laid back was a natural decision.

Beginning work on the Ogrekin. I changed the face drastically, but this was wrong, Ogrekin aren't naturally angry or 'evil', more docile large creatures who live in peace, so this was a midpoint on the facial expression. I gave him darker natural colours also, as Ogre's work mostly on farms and as manual labourers.

Fixing the expression, he seems far happier and peaceful, and less likely to gouge your eyeballs out and use your scrotum as a wallet. I think the hair helped with that also.

Finishing it all off, Ogrekin are naturally strong, so making the veins pop on his arm was a good indication of this, as were the muscle striations.

And this was it! I painted the last part of this on a Thursday evening with a bottle of Whiskey, so was quite worried when opening it up the day after...

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