Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday 1st May 2014 - Attack! Process

The second painting of the assignment was 'Attack!' which called for a very typical "punch at camera" image, very fashionable in comics and graphic novels.

Once again I started with the basic block in. As all of these images needed to be transparent .pngs I started with a 100% hard brush to get a solid undertone, so none of the background tone would come through.

This image started quite fast - I didn't paint these in order, this was one of the later images if I remember correctly, so had got quite skilled at painting cloth folds. I added some detail to the face, but mostly rendered up the costume, before it got obstructed by the wooden splinters.

I wanted to add a strong side shadow, which I think worked quite well on the arm, but in other places just made the image way too dark. I still wasn't fully accustomed to the changes that happened to my painting from screen to print, which in short, makes the image a lot darker. Since this I have tried to paint images much brighter.

Woo! Motion! I really felt like the splinters and blur added a huge amount to this picture. They were done simply by painting them in, then using a combination of the smudge tool, radial blur tool, and motion blur tool, then copying parts, rotating them, and so on.

After feedback from my art director and some friends, I totally reworked the face. As previously mentioned, I now work on faces straight away, to put the most energy in and get the best results. This thankfully avoids this issue.

And that was it! The lack of a background made this image's process a lot faster than The Duel, and I think the majority of this was done in one day's worth of studio hours.

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