Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thursday 8th May 2014 - Pleasing the Court Workflow

Yes it's another one of these! Only a few left now, but hopefully the repetitive nature of these pics goes someway towards visually showing how even in the creative industries some jobs can feel like quite the slog, especially when the job calls for 10 images all with a similar visual style. 

I started with the Celestial, as painting white cloth is always a trauma, and I wanted her white robe to be a lot more 'pure' than the hero's, as he will have been questing throughout the country and got more than a little dirty.

Painting the skin - Celestial's skin is near pure white, so once again, a right pain to paint.

And the hair, yet again, Celestial's have blonde, near white hair, so not a lot of tonal variation going on - fortunately the red of the robe and the flower gave some contrast.

And painting the hero. I think I left it for the day at this point, and the hero was painted on day #2. Similar process to the celestial, but also referring back to another image I had done (not shown yet) to get the colours and similarities between the hero here and in other illustrations correct.

And then just the process of refining the details and adding all the small parts. At this point I still made shadows too dark and really just "added more black" to a hue to put it into shadow. Something I'm working on countering now to allow more tonal variation.

There's another 5 illustrations like this to go, then the cover, and that was the whole assignment for Little Red Goblin Games!

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