Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wednesday 7th May 2014 - Bravery Workflow

Another workflow! This was actually the first image I painted for the Dragon Tiger Ox brief, after quite a break from digital painting (I was doing a lot of traditional pencil & paper concept art and design) so, I thought it would be good to show how rusty I was - There was a couple of false starts on this image before I got my act together.

This was the pencil sketch. What it really was was the character, who was sketched on A4 bristol board, plonked on a landscape canvas with some rushed mountains sketched in.

False start #1! I put more detail into the mountains, or pulled them up from another sketch, I cannot remember, and started adding the army in...

For naught! I just didn't like the layout, it didn't seem like a vast enough army, they seemed too close to the lone hero. So I erased those, and started again. Started painting in the mountains, working from back to front again, as is custom with my workflow.

Added in the army! Much vaster this time, and added in dust and debris on the field as is a typical look in these kind of scenes.

Starting on the main figure - I got the values right in greyscale, then added colour and overlay layers over this to get some hues in there before working over my pencil drawing.

Starting the detail, this is as simple as sitting for hours, zoomed in at 66.67/100%, with a hard brush, added in all the necessary parts.

Aaand more detail! The detailing phase can take as long as, if not longer, than the rest of the painting combined. It is the most arduous stage, and the one that can easily make or break an image.

Final little touches, and the first image was done! At this stage, there was another 9 to go. Fun.

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