Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday 6th June 2014 - Performance Sportswear Design Commission

A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned - one of my last commissions for the moment I may add - to produce a fractured design based on the contours of the human body, for use in fashion.

Confused? I bloody well was.

Well, anyway, the finer points of the commission were worked out, and I set about rendering it.

I used reference from human musculature diagrams:

And pattern reference, cracked mud, shattered glass, abstract shapes and a fair bit of poetic licence:

To come up with these: 

Just drafts of course, but it got the idea across. After some minor edits, and about 3 days in Adobe Illustrator, they were finished! The final .tiff renders were on a canvas 200x100cm, which is quite an extreme size, and came out to something insane like nearly 2GB in size. 

But these were successfully (and very nicely I may add) printed and stitched by the client, who was nice enough to e-mail me some .jpeg copies of the work modeled! 

Seriously this is mostly thanks to excellent modeling and photography (not to mention sewing and overall design) but I think this looks totally awesome! I added a glamourless watermark solely to protect the IPs, so yeah. 

And lastly: A link to her website, which is very sleek and very cool:

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