Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tuesday 3rd June 2014 - Short hiatus.

Been quite a while since I've wrote a blog, but thought this was kind of worth the announcement so yeah.

I'm taking a short-mid length break from illustration in general.

Firstly, I've got myself a nice full time job, it's active, physical, gets me out of the house, out of the studio, into an actually exciting work environment with other people. The pay is also incredibly nice (the reason I went for it).

Why did I go for a job which, I'll confess, is in no way related to art, illustration, fantasy, my degree, etc etc?

Because I was fed up. 

I graduated a year ago now, more or less. Since then I have worked 6 days a week, between 12 - 18 hour days, endless, on jobs I wasn't really skilled at, jobs I didn't really think I could do, underpaying jobs, jobs with unfair parameters, and so on. It was heartbreaking to be honest. Illustration is something I'm kind of good at. Something I was kind of eking a living out of, but it was so tedious.

I'd work more than my friends, for less return, less benefits, and still not be able to go out on the weekend because ironically I was both working and had no money.

Before I get old, decrepit, crippled and die I would actually like the opportunity to go out and have fun and do nice things and not be chasing invoices for months, only to have the money immediately taken away thanks to bills. It feels like other people in my situation have a nice comfort zone I don't have, no bills, no deadlines, no whatever. They can just procrastinate and relax or travel or go out with friends and not worry. That's so demoralizing when on the flip side I both cannot afford and don't have the time for such luxuries.

All of this means basically I have - for the moment - had enough of illustration. At the moment it isn't fun, it isn't stimulating, it isn't even moderately interesting. It's something I have to drag myself out of bed to do, do it, go back to bed then do it again.

So I am spending my evenings now catching up and finishing off current commissions, sending them over to the respective clients, then I'm having a break. I don't care. I hope people laugh and call me a lightweight and accuse me of not chasing my dreams hard enough, because I bet the majority of them have never had to experience this level of frustration. I started from the ground up, straight to self employment with no help, no networks, just a tablet and a copy of Photoshop.

On a lighter note: Some recent pieces:

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