Vietnam Market Research

corporate research in VietnamMarket research is an important operation. If the market research is well done, it provides accurate information to help marketers make an appropriate strategy and then, bring high efficiency in business. In other words, if the result of market research is inaccurate information and does not correctly reflect the actual market situation, marketing activities will ... [Read more...]

Why Companies Should Outsource Payroll Service?

set-up business in VietnamIn a?company,?payroll?is the sum of all?financial?records of?salaries?for an employee,?wages, bonuses and?deductions. It can be said that payroll processing can be a complicated and time-consuming task for small businesses. Payroll functions not only determine employee salaries and withholding taxes, but also update vacation and sick pay and deduct employee-contributed payments for benefits. That’s why payroll function ... [Read more...]

Vietnam’s Tourism Real Estate Sector

Real Estate business consultant in VietnamAccording to forecasts, in the next 5-10 years, Vietnam will remain as an attractive destination for foreign investors. In which the tourism real estate sector is preparing to welcome a new wave of investments with large-scale projects. A report of Capital Partners Group Vietnam shows that in the next 5-10 years, GDP per capita of ... [Read more...]