Why Japan Investors Invest in Vietnam

set-up business in VietnamThe depreciation of yen against dollar, more available funds for loans from Japanese banks, and the fast aging population make Japanese corporations increasing investment in foreign markets including Vietnam through setting up business venture. In a morning of Jan 22nd 2015, the office of Ministry of Planning and Investment and Foreign Investment Agency have met ... [Read more...]

Benefits of Using Accounting Services of ANT Consulting

set-up business in VietnamClients using the accounting services of ANT Consulting are ensured that the quality of works are always at?best and in?conformity with the provisions of the law on accounting and tax law. Consulting?will provide clients with management, mandatory?reports and accounting books accurately, and in timely manner, by?monthly, quarterly, annually or at request of the client. When ... [Read more...]

Korean Companies Choose Vietnam for Doing Business

set-up business in VietnamResults of the survey of ?Korea International Trade Association (KITA) announced in early January 2015?showed that the majority of the Korean companies which planned to expand their business in the emerging foreign markets this year had chosen Vietnam. According to KITA, out of about 537 Korean businesses surveyed, 49% said that they planned to develop ... [Read more...]

Tax Accounting Service

set-up business in VietnamDepending on type of enterprises, but generally, an operating enterprise must conduct procedures to pay taxes according to the provision of law. These type of taxes can be mentioned as the follow: License Tax; Enterprise Income Tax is applicable to goods and services production and business organizations which have taxable income under the provision of ... [Read more...]